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STICKS - a 9-hole Hoo-rah!!
STICKS - a 9-hole Hoo-rah!!

Tue, May 30



STICKS - a 9-hole Hoo-rah!!

Join Harbor Golf and Members for a game of Sticks and some socializing at the Clubhouse afterward! Members can RSVP now, Non-Members starting May 15!! only 72 spots available.

Registration is closed
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Time & Location

May 30, 2023, 5:00 p.m. – May 31, 2023, 9:00 p.m.

Elbow, Box 28, 1 Putters Ln, Elbow, SK S0H 1J0, Canada


About the event - Here is a video to give you an idea how it's played.

“Sticks” may seem a silly game, but it comes highly recommended for a diverse group. Many of the golf greats learned to play with incomplete bags. The game forces you to create shots, such as "punch fading" a four-iron to hit it as far as a six, or hitting a "running hook" with a six to send it as far as a four. We all tend to get lazy, carrying specialty clubs for every possible lie (yes, I mean you with the "divine nine"), thus “Sticks” is a healthy and fun diversion.

· Register by RSVPing from the Event on the Website or visit the Pro Shop. Let us know your handicap and we will outline the parameters for you.

· You may choose your 4-some but we recommend mixing it up for the evening.

· Stay together for a delicious Pork loin Roast Buffet dinner and drink specials, prizes and socializing.


Sticks requires some strategy other than just playing good golf. It's also quite entertaining.   For this event, we will be pairing up teams of 2, so register with your partner or let fate pair you, as an individual registration, with a ringer!!

· Prior to your shotgun, teams will determine combined handicap or play even. The higher-handicapped team will remove one club from their opponent's bags for every two strokes in their handicap differential after the completed hole. (EG, if Team A has an 8-handicap, and Team B has a 14, TeamB can remove three clubs  from opponent's bags.) Maximum number of clubs in your bag should be 13 plus optional ball retriever…. Ya, you can take away the ball retrievers if you know they hit in the water! LOL

· For each hole your team of 2 loses (play is match play), you will take one club (factor in handicap) in your opponent's bags out of play. (Write it down or physically hold it hostage if prone to cheating. LOL)

· Players should decide before the match whether you will take away putters. Most choose to give the putter “immunity”, because it's too much of a handicap not to have one. But Hey! Some players can work around the absence of other clubs by choking up, hitting fades, and so forth, but it's almost comical not to have a putter…. Take a vote.

· In any event, assuming the putter gets immunity, what are the best clubs to take from your opponent? Though many golfers immediately pick the driver, it's probably the worst club to select. You'd be doing most players a favor by making them tee off with a three-wood or a two-iron. Obviously, a lot depends on your opponent's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the specific challenges of the holes immediately ahead. In general, the sand wedge is the best club to take away. Many good players use it for nearly every shot inside 100 yards. Also, it's tough to recover from greenside bunkers using any club but a sand wedge. On the other hand, if the player carries a lob wedge, taking his sand wedge won't matter much.

· Your opponents may reclaim their club usage one at a time, in any order they want, as they lose a hole to you.

· The game then progresses in the same manner described above, with clubs coming in and out of play with won and lost holes. Keep track on the score sheet for storytelling and prizes!

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